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RADT 308 Unit 5

Fractures and Pathology

dislocation Answer
subluxation partial dislocation of bone from joint, example a vertebrae pushed posteriorly
sprain tear or rupture in ligaments supporting a joint from the twisting or wrenching motion
contusion bruising of the bone
dislocation bone displaced from its joint
subluxation partial dislocation, example a vertebrae pushed posteriorly
sprain partial rupture or tearing of ligaments or tendons in a joint from a f
incomplete fracture does not transverse through entire bone, two types torus fx and greenstick. most common in children
transverse Complete fracture at a right angle to long axis of bone
oblique Complete fracture passing through at an oblique angle
spiral Complete fracture from twisting of long bone where the fracture spirals around the bone
comminuted bone is splintered or crushed at the site of impact into two or more fragments
avulsion result of severe stress to a tendon or ligament where part of the bone is pulled away or separated
butterfly comminuted fracture where two fragments on each side of a main wedge shaped separate fragment has some resemblance to wings
segmental type of fracture where to fracture lines isolate a distinct segment of bone.
greenstick fracture on one side only, the other side is bent like a stubborn green twig
torus buckle of the outer cortex of the bone, not necessarily a complete break or dislocation
baseball (mallet) fracture of the distal phalanx caused by ball striking and extended finger
bennet's Longitudinal fracture of first metacarpal where fracture line enters first cmc joint
boxer's fracture of the distal fifth metacarpal, usually from punching something hence the name
epiphyseal fx fracture throughout the joint of the epiphysis and shaft of bone in the epiphyseal plate
multiple myeloma Multiple tumors in various parts of the body affecting adults age 40-70 and potentially fatal
osteogenic sarcoma Cancerous bone tumor affecting ages 10-20 primarily
rheumatoid arthritis Soft tissue swelling most prevalent in wrist, and bone erosion around second and third MCP. more common in women
osteoporosis Reduction in the quantity of bone or atrophy of skeletal tissue.
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