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Revolutionary War!

George Washington Became leader of the continental army
John Paul Jones Won the battle of serapis at sea against the beitish
Mercenary a soldier paid to fight for a foreign country
Battle of Saratoga British were out numbered and sourrendered.
Marquis de Lafayette teenage frenchman who volunteered to seve in Washington's army.
Lord Cornwallis British general in Camden, South Carolina
Benedict Arnold An American traitor who was shot in the leg at the battle of saratoga
Horacio Gates A general that only got to be in one battle because of his many mistakes.
William Howe comander of british army in north america.
Treaty of Paris Was formed at the end of the war. After the battle of Yorktown.
Shot heard round the world no one knows who fired first at Lexington and Concord
Lexington and Concord The fordt battle, fought from April 18 to April 19 of 1775
RedCoats A name the Patriots gave to the british soldiers
Second Continental Congress Put together the Continental Army
Boston Home of a lot of Patriots
Minutemen Or militia men, men that were mainly farmers or storeworkers, that voluntered to fight in the war
Patriots Those who were on the side of the Americans
Loyalists those who were on the side of the British
John Hancock The person who signed their name the largest ont the Declaration of Independence
Paul Revere Rode through town alerting people that the soldiers were coming
Guerilla Warfare Sneak Attack style warfare
Militia another name for minutemen
Battle of Trenton Happened on Christmas of 1776 and was an ambush. In new jersey
Battle of Princeton Fought in New Jersey January 3 1777
Saratoga turning point Benedict Arnold became a traitor
How did lafayette help> made our army better
John Paul Jones Contribution helped beat the serapis
Created by: Montymole
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