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What is a Victim of crime A person who has been targeted in a crime
What is an offender A person who has committed a crime
Who are the victims of crime Business, Communities,individuals & Minority groups
Name a group within society who are vulnerable to crime Disabled, Children, Ethnic, Lesbian & Gay, Women
Common crime against the elderly Mugging, theft, assault, burlary, bogus callers
What is the role of the Police service Respond to call, investigate crimes,crimes dtection, victim support
What is the role of the Probation service work with Prisoners and work to rehabilitate individuals back into the community
What is the role of the Prison service Ensure that offenders of crime serve their punishment
What is Victim support A charity who focuses on helping support victims of crime
What does CAB stand for Citizen Advice Bureau
What is the role of Rape Crisis To support and raise awareness of sexual voilence within society
How does crime impact society Massive financial cost to soceity, causes emotional and psychology stress, impact on the health service
What is a local crime intiative a venture to find new and innvative way to do something especially reduce and prevent crime
What is the purpose of a child curfew To remove children from the streets who are unsupervised and may also be under the protection of social services
What is the Purpose of crime prevention initiatives the aim of these initiatives is to find new ways to reduce and prevent crime such as knife crime
What does the NCRS stand for National Crime Recording Standards
What does NIM stand for National intelligence model
Who are the experts in terms of investigating a crime scene Forensic Scientist
what is a crime Scene the place where a crime has occurred or any place where evidence of a crime is found
Whats does DNA stand for Deoxyribonucleic Acid this is the genectic material contained in the cells of living things
What is Offender profiling It is building a picture and understanding of an offender
What does the CPS stand for The Crown Prosecution Service
What does Sentence mean The Punishment that is given to a person which is found guilty by a criminal court
What does Civial Law mean British law that deal with private affairs of citizens such as marriage and property ownership
What does criminal law mean British law that deals with crimes and their punishment.
What does custodial sentence mean a sentence that involves some loss of freedom
Where is evidence gathered from a crime scee stored A crime scene data base
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