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CC Fire 53 Quiz 7

Packaging The bandaging and preparing of a patient to be moved from the place of injury to a stretcher.
Panel Doors Doors with a solid stile and rails with panels made of wood or glass or other materials.
Panic Hardware Hardware mounted on doors that enable them to be opened by pushing from the inside.
Parapet The projection of a wall above the roofline of a building.
Passport A term given to a specific accountability system where crews are tracked using a card (passport) with all members listed. An accountability manager tracks the passports on an accountability board.
Permeation The movement of chemicals through chemical protective clothing on a molecular level; does not cause visual damage to the clothing.
Permissible Exposure Limit An OSHA value that regulates the amount of a chemical that a person can be exposed to during an eight-hour day.
Personal Alert Safety System A device that emits a loud alert or warning that the wearer is motionless.
Personnel Accountability Report This is an organized roll call of all units assigned to an incident.
Pipe Chases A construction term used to describe a void designed to house building water supply and waste pipes.
Pitot Gauge A device with an opening in its blade-shaped section that allows water to flow to a bourdon gauge and registers the flowing discharge pressure of an orifice.
Plan View A drawing or diagram of a building or area as seen from directly overhead. May include a site plan or a floor plan.
Platform Framing A style of wood frame construction in which each story is built on a platform, providing fire stopping at each level.
Polar Solvent A material that will mix with water, diluting itself.
Polymerize A chain reaction in which the material quickly duplicates itself and, if contained, can be very explosive.
Positive Pressure A feature of SCBA providing a continuous supply of air to the face piece, keeping toxic gases from entering.
Post Indicator Valve A control valve that is mounted on a post case with a small window, reading either "OPEN" or "SHUT".
Preaction System Similar to the dry pipe and deluge systems. Has closed piping and heads with air under no or little pressure, but water does not flow until signaled open from a separate fire detection system. Usually used when water can cause a large dollar loss.
Pressure The force, or weight, of a substance, usually water, measured over an area.
Pressure-Regulating Device Designed to control the head pressure at the outlet of a standpipe system to prevent excessive nozzle pressures in hoselines.
Purlins A series of wood beams placed perpendicular to trusses to help support roof decking.
Pyrolysis Decomposition or transformation of a compound caused by heat.
Piercing Nozzle Nozzle originally designed to penetrate the skin of aircraft and now has been modified to pierce through building walls and floors.
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