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CST 229 Ch 12 Vocab

CST 229 Chapter 12 Vocabulary

Ethics a community's perspective on "what is good and bad in human conduct and it leads to norms that regulate actions
Problem Recognition Phase emphasizes the frame through the local cultural/legal lens
Information Search Phase emphasizes gathering multiple facts from different sectors of the Western and local cultures to gathering information concerning diverse ideas, possibilities, and potential consequences of "stealing"
Construction of Alternatives Phase emphasizes crafting culturally inclusive creative alternatives that reconcile its corporate integrity policy with that of the local culture's sense of underlying values
Decision-Making Choice Phase a tripartite intercultural decision-making committee reviews the case and helps to bring light to the consequences
Implementation Phase emphasis is on whether the new global corporate policy should be implemented top-down or involve the full participating and feedback cycles from subsidiaries from different cultural regions
Individualistic "Univeralism" "as the seriousness of the accident increases, the obligation of helping their friend decreases.. the law was broken and the serious condition of the pedestrian underlines the importance of upholding the law"
Collectivistic "Particularism" "my friend needs my help more than ever now that he is in serious trouble with the law"
Ethical Absolutism emphasizes the principles of right and wrong in accordance with a set of universally fixed standards regardless of cultural differences
Ethical Relativism emphasizes the importance of understanding the cultural context in which the problematic conduct is being judged
Ethical-Universalism emphasizes the importance of deriving universal ethical guidelines by placing ethical judgements within the proper cultural context
Meta-Ethics refers to the cultivation of an ethical way o thinking in our everyday lives that transcends any particular ideological position
"Parallel Thinking" substituting any global or local event with people in your connected ingroup or intimiate network and then cross-checking whether you would still arrive at a similar attribution process or similar emotional reaction
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