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Radt: 456

Radiologic Procedures

LPO/ RAO shows which flexure Right Hepatic
When air fills the fundus of the stomach, the patient is in the ____ postion. Prone
The transverse colon is more ______ when the patient is in the supine position. Anterior
The largest facial bone is the mandible
How many metatarsals are there in the foot 7
When the patient has fractured both hips, which view should be obtained? Clements-Nakayama
A break of cortex on one side of bone only, found in infants and children greenstick
LAO/RPO will show which flexure Left splenic
The nose of Scotty dog is.. transverse process
The ear of Scotty dog is... Superior articular process
Which position will project the sternum into heart shadow for uniform density? RAO
Towne's method demonstrates Occipital bone
Which view will show all 4 paranasal sinuses? Lateral
Most movable portion of the colon transverse
Which kidney sits higher than the other? Left
Cavity were the rod is placed Medullary cavity
Ulner deviation of hand to show scaphoid
The male pelvis is more _________ than the female. narrow
Where to center for a AP knee? 1/2" below patellar apex
One fracture composed of several fragments Comminuted
Response to repeated stong, powerful force Stress fracture
The vertebral column is composed of how many bones? 33
If patient has pelvis thickness of mor than 24 cm, angle __________. 3-5 degrees cephalad
For AP axial clavical, angle __. 15-30 degrees cephalad
What is the largest tarsal bone? Calcaneus
A faint undisplaced fx? Hairline
Degree difference between OML and IOML 7 degrees
Number of facial bones 14
Second largest facial bone? Maxillae
Centering point for Caldwell? Angle 15 degrees caudad and center to nasion
Centering point for PA chest Level of T7
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