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Advanced Pharm

Adv Pharm YBI Chap 23 Terms

What does the abbreviation q4h mean? Every four hours
What does the abbreviation q6h mean? Every six hours
What does the abbreviation q12h mean? Every 12 hours
What does the abbreviation of two lower case "s's" with a line over them mean? Half
What does the abbreviation SL or subling mean? Sublingual
What does the abbreviation top mean? Topical
What does the abbreviation ung mean? Ointment
What does the abbreviation ASA mean? Aspirin
What does the acronym DMARD mean? Disease-modifying antirheumatic drug
What does the acronym NSAID mean? Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug
What is a change in the spine, similar to rheumatoid arthritis, which causes stiffening of the back? Ankylosing spondylitis
What is immobility of joints, caused by congenital conditions, surgery, trauma, or diseases? Ankylosis
What is inflammation of a joint, accompanied by pain, swelling, and bony changes in the joint? Arthritis
What is to join bones in joints? Articulate
What are crackling sounds in joints d/t arthritis? Crepitus
What are tablets coated with a film, formulated to pass through the stomach into the small intestines for absorption? Enteric-coated tablets
What is to aggravate symptoms or cause increased symptomatology of a disease? Exacerbate
What is a debilitating disease with chronic pain of muscles and soft tissues surrounding the joints? Fibromyalgia
What is a joining together of two lines, such as bone fusion where two sections of bone are permanently joined together? Fusion
What are excessive amounts of uric acid in blood? Hyperuricemia
What is an agent that interferes with the normal reactions of the immune system to an antigen? Immunosuppressant
What is a sudden involuntary muscle contraction? Muscle spasm
What is increased tone or contractions of muscle, causing stiff and awkward movements? Muscle spasticity
What is an anti-inflammatory agent that does not contain salicylic acid? Nonsalicylate
What is a disease with symptoms of great muscular weakness and prgressive fatigue on exertion? Myasthenia gravis
What is a chronic noninflammatory autoimmune disease of the joints causing destruction of the joints? Osteoarthritis
What is a disease with reduction of bone mass that tends to occur in the elderly? Osteoporosis
What is inflamed synovial granulation tissue of joints found in rheumatoid arthritis? Pannus
What is an anti-inflammatory drug compound containing salicylic acid? Salicylate
What is abnormal outward curvature of the spine? Kyphosis
What is a group of mitrogenous components that are end product of certain proteins while some are synthesized within the body? Purine
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