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Radt 456

ARRT registry review covering radiographic procedures

Which category of joint is immovable? Synarthroidal
The appendicular skeleton is made up of what? Extremities
List the proximal row of carpal bones Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform
List the distal row of carpal bones Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate
What functions to accommodate the olecranon process with the elbow in extension? Olecranon Fossa
Where is the central ray directed for a PA hand? Perpendicular to the 3rd MCP
How is an AP elbow achieved when the elbow cannot be fully extended? Requires two projections; one with humerus against IR and one with forearm against IR
What is the degree of patient rotation for the Grashey method? 35-35 degrees
What is the degree of CR angulation for an AP axial clavicle? 15-30 degrees cephalad
What provides attachment for the patellar ligament? Tibial tuberosity
What is the socket articulation for the femoral head? Acetabulum
A pelvic angle less than 90 degrees is associated with a male or female? Male
What type and degree of rotation is required for a medial oblique foot? 30 degrees medially
What type and degree of CR angulation is required for a plantodorsal axial calcaneus? 40 degrees cephalad
What is the degree of rotation for the AP mortise view? 15-20 degrees medially
What type and degree of CR angulation is required for a lateral knee? 5 degrees cephalad
What degree of flexion is needed for a lateral patella? 5-10 degrees
How many degrees should the legs be internally rotated for an AP pelvis? 15
A break of cortex on one side of bone only is called what? Greenstick fracture
One fracture composed of several fragments is known as what? Comminuted
How is the CR directed for an AP C-Spine? 15-20 degrees cephalad to thyroid cartilage
What is the degree of patient rotation for an oblique L-Spine? 45
How should the CR be angled for an AP projection of the sacrum? 15-25 degrees cephalad
What are the 3 divisions of the pharynx? Nasopharynx, Oropharynx, Laryngopharynx
Should the affected side be placed up or down if free air is suspected? Up
Name the three divisions of the stomach Fundus, body, pylorus
What are the two functions of the kidneys? Remove waste from blood Eliminate it in the form of urine
At what levels do more than 90% of disk ruptures occur? L4-L5 and L5-S1
What is the degree of obliquity for for an oblique KUB? 30 degrees
What are the breathing instructions when performing a soft-tissue neck exam? Slow nasal inspiration
Created by: jaminton