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What is the primary function of the fluoroscope? To provide real-time dynamic viewing of anatomic structures.
Who invented the fluoroscope and when? Thomas A. Edison in 1896
What kind of image does the radiologist view during fluoroscopy? A continuous image of the motion of the internal structures while the x-ray tube is energized.
What is a spot film? A permanent fixed image that is taken without interrupting the fluoro examination so the radiologist can have it for a later study.
Where is the x-ray tube located for a fluoroscopy exam? under the examination table
Where is the image intensifier located? Over the patient examination table
What is automatic brightness control or (ABC)? Allows the radiologist to select an image brightness level that is subsquently maintained automatically by varying the kVp, the mA, or sometimes both.
What is the principal advantage of image-intensified fluroscopy over earlier types of fluoroscopy? Increased image brightness
What are rods and cones? Structures in the eye that are responsible for the sensation of vision
Where are the cones located? At the center of the retina in an area called the fovea centralis
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