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Ch. 17 Breast

Small elevated sebaceous glands in areola Montgomery
Suspensory ligaments that attach on chest wall Coopers
nodes high up in the middle of the axilla central
nodes along the lateral edge of the pex Pectoral
nodes along the lateral edge of the scapula subscapular
nodes along the humerus lateral
extra nipple supernumerary
month that colostrum may be expressed fourth
breast tissue temporarily enlarged in males gynecomastia
--can reveal cancers too small to be detected by woman/dr. mammography
decreased - lvls causes decreased firmness estrogen
best way to detect a breast mass vertical strip pattern
firm transverse ridge in lower quads inframammary ridge
early breast development w/ no other hormone-dependent signs premature thelarche
one section of breast surface appearing red and tender plugged duct
skin tether dimple
sign of skin retracting dimpling
nipple that looks flatter and broader nipple retraction
thickens skin & exaggerates hair follicles, suggests cancer edema (peau d'orange)
asymmentry, distortion, or decreases mobility w/ elevated arm fixation
mutiple tender masses benign breast disease
solitary, unilateral, nontender mass, fixed to tissues cancer
benign tumor, solitary nontender mass thats solid, firm, rubbery, and elastic fibroadenoma
pastelike matter in subareolar ducts mammary duct ectasia
serous discharge, which is spontaneous, unilateral, or from single duct intraductal papilloma
bloody nipple discharge thats unilateral and from single duct carcinoma
area thats red, swollen, tender, very hot, and hard mastitis
rare complication of generalized infection if untreated breast abscess
no standard screening and is detected by clinical symptoms male breast cancer
Created by: sierracorleigh
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