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El Secuestro

Chapter 5

esperar to wait for
acostarse to go to bed
habitación room
madrugada dawn
está despierto is awake
resuelva I resolve
vendrán will come
velódromo velodrama
despiértate wake up
medio dormido half asleep
se visten get dressed
sospechaba suspected
nos abandonaria would abandon us
tose coughs
no seas don't b
guiña el ojo winks
tendria...ver could it have something to do
fiebre fever
me estoy quiemondo i'm burning up
rumbo a heading for
codo elbow
conmovida moved (emotionally)
em cambia on the other hand
campeón champion
bachillerato high school
puser to put
sorbo sip
que nos esperan they're waiting for us
hace mucho viento it's very windy
única only
desvia swerves
rompiéndola breaking it
choque accident
por salir vivo for comming out alive
por haber recuperado for having rocuperated
choca collides
piñas pineapples
Created by: mrouisse
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