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Dance Unit 3

an extension of the straight leg with the foot slightly off the floor degage
a jump from one foot to the other in which the working leg is brushed straight in the air while the back leg is extending straight form the body grand jete
to keep legs parallel to each other; toes pointing forward and heels pointing back parallel
to rotate the legs outward from the hips so that knees and toes are pointing outwards turned out
half bending of the knees; heels stay on the floor demi plie
full bending of the knees; heels come off the floor except in 2nd position grande plie
to extend one foot and leg w/o bending the knees and ending with the tip of the toe still on the floor tendu
a catch step where the feet meet in the air while pointing chasse
three steps, two steps on the balls of the feet and one last plie triplet
three steps, usually back, side, front pas de bourrees
to pass the toe of the working foot up along the inside of the calf to the knee of the supporting leg passe
working leg is extended to the back arabesque
bent position of the leg attitude
continuation of the degage upward to hip height of higher battement
the leg that is executing the movement working leg
the leg that is supporting the body's weight supporting leg
the process of making a dance which involves the understanding of choreographic principles, processes and structures choreography
a dance which has been created composition
a brief sequence of related movements that have a sense of rhythmic completion phrase
the continuation and order in which a series of movements and shapes occur sequence
the underlying idea or intent used to create movement theme
organize connection between dance movements that maintains flow and continuity in the dance transition
movements which are performed simultaneously and identically by more than one dancer unison
to repeat a phrase or sequence within a composition at least once repetition
movement of the cannon will be performed before the previous movement is finished overlapping cannon
movement of the cannon will be performed once the previous movement is finished non-overlapping cannon
to move without planning improvise
the first movement or pose executed to show the start of a composition beginning shape
the last movement or pose executed to show the end of a composition ending shape
a recurring movement within a composition motif
movement which is performed identically but with multiple entry points cannon
Created by: Jcandy