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childhood as a social construct

What does social construct mean? Something that is defined and created by society.
Western view of childhood? its a distinct stage in life, emphasised by laws, products, services.
Describe Aries work idea of childhood didn't exist in the middle ages, now there is a cult of childhood, more child centered now.
Who criticises Aries work and why? Pollock criticises aries as he says that the middle ages just had a different notion of childhood from todays.
what are the important laws and acts to do with childhood Human Rights of the Child Act 1989 parents have certain responsibilities, Childrens Act 1989 children can be taken away from their parents.
Describe the Functionalist view of childhood March to progress view, Shorter argues that society has a functional need for better educated citizens and lower infant mortality rates
Describe the conflict view of childhood There is inequalities among children, childhood varies according to class, gender and ethnicity.
What do child liberationists argue? They believe that society oppresses children.
What does Diana Gittins argue? That there is an age patriarchy were adults maintain authority over children.
What did Hockey and James say? Childhood was a stage that most children wished to escape from and which many resisted.
What is the view of Neil Postman? He believes that childhood is disappearing. Children grow up very quickly and experience things only open to adults in the past.
Who criticises Postman? and why? Nick Lee he says that parents have financial control over children and they can only spend as much as their parents give them.
Created by: Louise123