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Sectional Anatom

Sectional Anatomy, college, radiology

The primary visual cortex is located in the ..? Occipital lobe the occipital lobe is the location of the primary visual cortex, which receives visual information.
The insula is considered part of the ..? Cerebral cortex
The layer of meninges closely adhering to the brain tissue is the ..? Pia mater
The passage of cerebrospinal fluid between the third and lateral ventricles is accomplished via the ..? Foramen of Monro
What is the function of the hippocampus? memory
Which nerve is NOT a branch of the trigeminal nerve? Optic. the trigeminal nerve, CN V is the largest of the cranial nerves. It divides into 3 branches: the ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular nerves
Cerebrospinal fluid circulates between the ..? Pia mater and Arachnoid
The temporal lobe of the brain is associated with what ? hearing
The large white matter tract that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain is know as ? corpus callosum
The hypothalamus is ? concerned with integrating autonomic functions
Which of the following is a foramen contained within the spenoid bone ? foramen ovela
The cribiform plate is part of which cranial bone ? Ethmoid bone
The lower portion of the bony nasal septum is formed by which facial bone? Vomer
The zygomatic arch is formed by which two bones? Zygoma and Temporal bone
The anterior surface of the temporomandibular articular disk attaches to which muscle ? Lateral pterygoid
The osteomeatal complex is located in which portion of the maxillary sinus ? Superior medial
The structures of the inner ear? Semicircular canals, cochlea, vestibule
Which opening is located between the greater and lesser wings of the sphenoid bone? Superior orbital fissure
Muscles of the eye? the superior & inferior oblique muscles, the superior & lateral rectus muscles
The upper and lower vertebral notches of adjacent vertebrae meet to form the ..? intervertebral foramina
The transverse processes of the sacrum join to form the ..? Lateral masses
The supraspinous ligament continues into the cervical region as the ..? Ligamentum nuchae
Which muscle extends from the spinous processes of C7-T12 and attaches to the clavicle, acromion, and spine of the scapula? Trapezius
The most inferior portion of the spinal cord, located at approximately the level of the first or second lumbar vertebra, is called the ..? Conus medullaris
The brachail plexus arises from which ventral rami? C3-C7 and T1
A vertical plane that passes through the body, dividing it into anterior and posterior portions is the ? Coronal plane
The directional term contralateral refers to what ? on the opposite side
The directional term rostral refers to what ? toward the nose
The term popliteal refers to the area of the ? back of the knee
The term flank refers to the area of the ..? side of the trunk adjoining the lumbar region
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