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H 319


1. Consider the history of OHP. What was the name of the seven-year boy who did not receive the transplant? b. Coby Howard
Who was a major player in the foundation of OHP? a. John Kitzhaber
What are the main goals of the OHP? d. All of the above
Was OHP plan was created in the 1990’s? False
Is OHP the Medicaid of Oregon? True
OHP is split into OHP Standard and OHP Plus. True
Approximately 600,000 Oregonians are forecasted to need some type of OHP coverage during 2011-2013. True
In 2004 Enrollment was closed and went to a lottery system True
Did the state developed the Oregon Health Plan by taking public opinion surveys, holding community meetings, doing a cost-benefit analysis, and looking at medical outcome research? True
Birth of an infant is the first on the prioritized list. False
The list is 692 lines long, and as of Jan. 21, 2012, lines 1-498 are covered. True
The Oregon Health Plan is Oregon's version of Medicare. False
. John Kitzhaber was the governor driving the enactment of the Oregon Health Plan. True
Every state receives 50% of their Medicaid funding from the government False
The main event that created public interest around the necessity of healthcare for the low-income population, was the death of a 7-year old boy named Coby. Treu
There are equal amounts of pregnant women and working males who receive Medicaid benefits in Oregon. False
In 2006, the OHP Standard plan was closed due to budget cuts False 2004
The Oregon Health Plan is not available to full time college students but only for uninsured children, families and pregnant women. False
The selection process for the Oregon Health Plan is Lottery System
When was the Oregon Health Plan adopted? 1989
How is the Oregon Health Plan funded? Through the state and through the federal goverment
Obama used three agenda setting techniques to get the current bill supporting federal funding of stem cell research passed. Which of the following did he not use? Creating task forces
Which two events stimulated regulation of stem cell research? Roe Vs. Wade; birth of Louise Brown
Which president banned all federal funding for stem cell research None of the above
President Obama lifted all restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research False
California uses state funds to conduct stem cell research True
Presidents’ values played a role in the policy-making process of stem cell research federal funding True
Shortly after President Obama lifted restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research a judicial decision resulted in many labs facing a potential freeze on federal funding True
Republican Senator Arlen Spector was against President Obama’s decision to loosen restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research False
Not all religious groups are against embryonic research True
Embryonic stem cells, like adult stem cells, are unspecialized True
True or False: Stem cells are used to help scientists understand human development and test new drugs for safety. True
True or False: Somatic or Adult Stem Cells are derived from very early embryos. False
True or False: Embryonic Stem Cells can become any other cell type. True
True or False: Adult Stem Cells can replace cells that die and restore tissue after injury. True
rue or False: After hearing about stem cell research, people often approve the idea of funding. True
True or False: President George W. Bush Vetoed the stem cell research bill three times. True
What is true about Embryonic Stem Cells? They can become any other cell type
What is a con of stem cell research? Some people believe life begins at conception, and that destruction of this pre-born life is abortion.
Which of the following is not a criterion that George W. Bush set regarding Stem Cell research on embryos that had already been destroyed? All of the above are criteria
1. Who started the first smoke free campus in 2003? d. Ty Patterson
2. What three things are required to flow together in favorable alignment in order for a window of opportunity to open? b. Problems
3. Which is NOT a potential advantage of the smoking ban? d. Cigarette prices increasing
4. T/F: A potential advantage of the smoking ban is making it easier for international students to adapt to our culture. False
5. T/F: Smoking has become less socially acceptable. True
6. T/F: Public salience is “A high actual or potential level of public interest.” True
7. T/F: Oregon State University will be hiring people to enforce the smoking ban policy. False
8. T/F: Oregon State’s Student Health Services is offering free patches and nicotine gum. True
9. T/F: An online survey found that 74% did NOT support the idea of a smoke-free campus. False
10. T/F: One of the issues during the policy making process on the smoke-free ban at Oregon State University was how to define smoking and what paraphernalia would be included in this ban. True
1. True or False: A preferred drug list is a list of drugs physician “prefer” based on personal preference. False
2. True or False: The Oregon Health Plan Preferred Drug List was largely driven by Senator Bev Clarno. False
3. True or False: The Preferred Drug List is reviewed annually and new drug classes are added periodically True
4. True or False: The American Association of Retired Persons is huge stakeholder in Senate Bill 819. True
5. True or False: The initial “voluntary PDL” reached it fiscal saving of $7 million in 2002. False
6. True or False: Evaluation reports and the PDL can be found on the OregonRx website. True
7. True or False: New prescriptions not listed on the physical health PDL require prior authorization. True
8. All the following are recommendations for cost containment by the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services EXCEPT: None of the above
9. The Health Resource Commission (HRC) subcommittee is made up of the following individuals Politicians
10. Which of the following is an unintended consequence of the Oregon Health Plan’s PDL: Clinical Review producing a more restrictive PDL
1. There is one type of coverage. False
2. Out of pocket spending has been increasing since 2006. True
3.The bill was presented to Congress and passed almost instantly. False
4.Before the reform a beneficiary who is in the donut hole has to pay 75% of their prescription drug costs. False
5.If a beneficiary entered the donut hold in 2010 they would receive 50% off brand name drugs starting in 2011. True
6.Medicare Parts A & B were passed in 1985. False in 1965
7.Once you spend $6154 on prescription drugs you enter what’s called Catastrophic Coverage. True
8. When was Medicare Part D passed? 2003
9. What is a benefit for closing the donut hole? Beneficiaries will save between $700 and $3000 in one year
The DOnut hole is also called Coverage Gap
1. The Ryan White CARE Act was created to assist in funding programs for people with HIV/AIDS True
2. The Ryan White CARE Act was named after a 13 year-old injection drug girl False
3. The Ryan White CARE Act was created in response to the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the 1950s. False
4. President Obama refused to reauthorize the Ryan White CARE Act False
5. AIDS is no longer transmitted in the United States because of the Ryan White CARE Act False
6. The Ryan White CARE Act was the first policy to provide funding for a specific disease. True
7. The Ryan White CARE Act focuses specifically on providing care for stigmatized and underserved populations. True
8. Which of the following populations are not included in the 4H high-risk groups of the early AIDS epidemic? Hipsters
9. Which population does the Ryan White CARE Act primarily support? People with HIV/AIDS
10. What is the next year that the Ryan White CARE Act will be reauthorized? 2013
True or False: The New Affordable Care Act legislation is taking steps towards increasing availability and affordability of insurance for individuals who are suffering from mental health of substance abuse disorders? True
Public Opinion has had a minimal impact on the policy making for mental health regulation. False
The public has become more compassionate for people with mental disorders and see their best interest a priority. True
President Franklin Roosevelt signed the National Mental Health Act of 1946. False
In 2014, substance abuse and mental illness can no longer be used by insurers to deny coverage as a “Pre-Existing Condition”. True
. Under the healthcare reform Insurers will be allowed to use mental illness and substance abuse to raise premiums False
A benefit to Deinstitutionalization has been a reduction in the cost of mental institutions . False
Which piece of legislation was the first to provide a significant amount of funding for mental Health education and research? National Mental Health Act (1946)
The implementation of Deinstitutionalization has shown to be correlated with a steep rise in what? Homelessness
10. Deinstitutionalization is the transfer of patients from institutionalized care into what type of care system? Community-based mental health services
. Selling your organs is legal in the U.S.? False
The supply for organs is greater than the demand? False
Each state has ratified the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act since 1968? True
The National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 established the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network? True
. The National Waiting List for organs is a first come, first serve method to avoid ethical issues True
There is not a mandatory uniform donor cord required by the states False
here is a law in the U.S. that defines ?death?. True
Which of the acts were involved organ donation policies? National organ transplant act of 1984, Omnibus reconciliation act of 1986, uniform anatomical gift act of 1968, 1987, 2006
Which of the following is not an ethical concern in terms of organ donation? saving someone’s life by donating an organ
What is the main intended consequence of creating organ donation policies? to address the national organ shortage
1. Who sponsored FOCA? a. Barbara boxer
2. What was the bill #? b. SB 1173
3. In which bill process did the bill die? c. Committee assignment
4. FOCA banned abortions? False
5. Barbara Boxer is a senator from California. True
6. Currently, Oregon's law on abortion includes: Oregon does not have any major restrictions on abortion
Laws regarding abortion are delegated: State to state
8. True/False Tom Nadler was the sponsor for the Representatives? True
9. What Supreme Court Case did FOCA protect? Roe vs. Wade
10. Which state completely banned abortions? South Dakota
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