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SOC QA # 1

SOC QA # 1 Mrs. Furbush

Who is the Father of Sociology? Auguste Comte
What is the sociological perspective? It focues on groups rather than individuals.
What is functionalism? The theory that all parts of society are interconnected and work toether.
What is symbolic interactionism? The theory that people interact based on a shared understanding of symbols.
What is conflict theory? The theory that human interaction is based on power struggles and inequality.
What is sociological imagination? The ability to see the link because society and self
What is Socialization? The cultural process of learning to participate in a group.
What is a subculture? A group that is part of the dominant culture but differs in some important aspects. Eg: teenagers are a subculture of US Culture
Why does culture change? Discovery, Invention, and Diffusion
Pulling your hand away from a hot stove is an example of a _____________________________ Reflex
Rules that cover customary actions like using utensils and taking off your hat indoors are _________________________ Folkways
What are sanctions? Rewards & punishments that encourage people to follow norms
What are values? Broad ideas of good and bad in society on which norms are based
What is ethnocentrism? Judging another culture by your OWN standards; thinik your culture is superior
What is cultural relativism? Judging another culture by its standards
When does socialization begin for humans? Birth
What is Desocialization? The process of giving up old norms & values
What is anticipatory socialization? The voluntary process of preparing to take on new norms--starting college or new job
What is resocialization? The process of adopting new norms to replace old norms--rehabilization in jail
Who was Jane Addams? Early American sociologist concerned with the lives of the working poor
Who was WEB DuBois? Early American sociologist concerned with studying the African American community
What is material culture? Concrete things of culture like cellphones, cars
What is nonmaterial culture? The things of culture that you can't touch like love, friendship, knowledge
What is the hidden curriculum? Things like being on time & cooperation that children learn in school
What is looking glass self? A person's imagine of herself based on what others think of her
What is self-concept? A person's imagine of herself as having an identity separate from other people.
What are Mead's Three Stages of Play (sometimes called role taking stages)? Imitation--copy behavior of significant others Play--pretend to be someone Game--understand others' roles
The experiment that concluded that baby monkeys need love, comfort, and attention was done by ________________________________ Harry Harlow
What is the generalized other? Person (s) who opinion or reaction is important to a child
What are the four agents of socialization? Family, Media, School, Peers
Created by: sfurbush
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