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Chapter 9

Who runs the hospital? CEO
Who is over the CEO of the hospital The board
What are a few of the hospital pharmacy services? filling medication order. preparing 24-72 hour supplies of patient medication for single administration. delivering stat orders or emergency medications to patient care unit. preparing parenteral products. monitoring patient outcomes. formulary(preparing)
What information is in the repackaging control log? date of repackaging. internal lot number. drug, strength, dosage form. manufacturers name. manufacturers lot number and expiration date. quantity or number of units packaged. initials of repackager and pharmacist who checked
What does the P&T committee stand for and what do they do? Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Review, approve, and revise the hospitals formulary and maintains drug use policies of the hospital
What else is the P&T committee also responsible for reviewing? studies on appropriate use of drugs within hospital. investigational study drugs for hospital use. any medication error reports
What does JCAHO stand for and what do they do? Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. not for profit grout that sets and measures the standards for quality and safety of health care through an accreditation process.
What percentage of the joint commissions standards are directly related to safety? Almost 50%
Where does the hospital pharmacies purchase their pharmaceuticals from? Primacy Wholesalers and IV solutions and sets from manufacturer
Who orders the pharmaceuticals from the hospital pharmacy? The pharmacy technician
Hospital Pharmacy vs. Community Pharmacy? very similar. except hospital dispenses parenteral drugs, biological agents, and potentially hazardous chemotherapy medications. Main role of a hospital pharmacy tech. is preparing and delivering the right drug to the right patient at the right time.
Created by: Tara3184