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cmpding vocab

angel's compounding equip & use

geometric dilution process of mixing two solid chemicals together by taking equal parts of each in small amounts, mixing them thoroughly, and continuing to add small, equal parts of each until both are thoroughly mixed
trituration process of reducing particle size using a mortar and pestle
levigation process of reducing the particle size of a chemical by triturating or spatulating it with a small amount of liquid in which it is not soluble
spatulation process of mixing an ointment on an ointment slab with a spatula to ensure uniformity of particles, eliminating graininess in the final product
lubricant agent that softens the skin and reduces friction when a suppository is inserted
systemic a drug intended to be absorbed into the bloodstream and have an action away from the site of administration
eutectic mixture two or more chemicals that change from a solid form to a liquid when mixed together
tumbling mixing powders by placing them in a plastic bag or large jar and rotating it until mixing is completed
miscible liquids that can be mixed together and will not separate
vehicle a liquid (ex water, alcohol, mineral oil) used to dissolve a drug for oral or topical administration
syrup an oral solution containing a high concentration of sugar
saturated solution a solution that has the maximum amount of solute that will dissolve in that amount of solvent at room temperature
spirits alcoholic solutions of volatile substances, often used for flavoring
isotonic a solution that has an equal concentration of electrolytes and buffers as the area where it is being used
solute a chemical that is to be dissolved in liquid (think powdered Kool-Aid)
solvent a liquid that is used to dissolve a solute (think the water that's mixed with powdered Kool-Aid)
solubility a calculation that describes the amount of a solute that will dissolve in a given amount of solvent at a given temperature
elixir a hydroalcoholic solution that contains one or more dissolved drugs and is sweetened and flavored for oral use
reconstitution an appropriate liquid (usually purified water) is added to powder to produce a solution or suspension for oral administration
suspension a liquid in which particles are not dissolved but are dispersed when shaken
powder displacement the amount of liquid that is displaced by the powder in a reconstituted drug powder
tare process of zeroing an electronic balance in order to account for the weight of a weighing receptacle
meniscus concavely curved surface of a liquid measured in a graduated cylinder; the point at which volume measurement is made
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