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dance vocab mspriddy

dance vocab

relevé "to rise", to rise on the balls of the feet
tendú "to stretch" to stretch the working foot along the floor to a pointed and straight position
en croix "in the shape of a cross" indicates that an exercise is done front, side, back and side
chassé "to chase" a step in which one foot literally chases the other out of its position
dégagé "to brush" to brush the foot along and off the floor to a straight and pointed position
grand jeté "big leap" a jump in which the dancer springs from one foot to land on the other
passé "to pass" the foot of the working leg is drawn up to the knee of the supporting leg: toe is pointed
plié "to bend" bent or bending
chainés "chain, links" a series of rapid turns done in relevé
developpé "developing movement" a movement in which the working leg is drawn up to the knee of the supporting leg and slowly extended to a straight position- held w/ perfect control
pas de chat "large cat step" a jump off one foot, where the leg is brought up to passé followed by the other leg
pirouette "whirl or spin" a complete turn of the body on one foot. the working leg is straight, other leg is in passé
rond de jambe "round of the leg" a circular movement of the leg- beans in plié and straightens as the working leg circles
sickling when the dancer turns his/her foot in @ the ankle, thereby breaking the line of the leg
arabesque a position of the body where on leg is extended behind. both legs are straight
assemblé "assembled" to assemble your legs in the air before landing from a jump
attitude a position held on one leg where the working leg is turned-out and bent at a 90 degree angle
sauté a jump. plié before and after, legs straighten in air, toes pointed in the air, quiet landing, heels down when landing
fouetté "whipping movement" the raised leg passes rapidly in front of or behind the supporting leg, while whipping the body to face the opposite direction
pas de bourre "a small stepping movement" a transfer of weight from foot to foot three times as a transition into another movement
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