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RES 1010

Analysis and Monitoring of Gas Exchange

Analysis Study or interpretation
laboratory analysis refers to discrete measurements of fluids or tissue that must be removed from the body
lab analysis measurments are made by what? a laboratory analyser
Monitoring an ongoing process by which clinicians obtain and evaluate dynamic physiological processes in a timely manner. (over time -- trending)
Used to measure the FiO2 O2 Analyser
Monitor a device that provides the data to the clinician in real time
2 ways of measuring blood gases 1. invasive 2. noninvasive
Inasive requires insertion of a sensor or collection device into the body
ABG Analysis self explanatory; interperate data or results
FiO2 can be measured in 2 ways 1. Polarographic 2. Galvanic Cell
Problems with Galvanic Cell include: Low battery Sensor Electric faiure
Under ideal conditions of temp.,pressure, and relative humidity, both types are accurate to within _______% of the actual concentration. +/- 2%
SaO2 normal value can never reach 100%. why? SHUNT
Water has a constant pH of what. 7.0
To obtain accurate results with an o2 analyser, the RT must first __________ it. Calibrate
O2 analyser sensors must be exposed to two gases of different O2 concentrations. What are they? 100% O2 and (room air) 21%
If the analyser fails to read 100%, the device's ______________ must be adjusted until it reads________%. clibration; 100%
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