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Meteororlogy the science of entific study of the atmosphere
Air mass source region and sometimes etends through the lower half of the troposphere.
Convergent lifting displacing air upward
convectional lifting air is stimulated by local surace heating
orographic lifting air is forced over a barrier such as a mountain range
frontal lifting air is displaced upward along the leading edges of contrasting air masses
chinook winds warm, downslope air flows characteristic of the leeward side of mountains.
cold front leading edge of a cold air mass
Warm Front leading edge of a warm air mass
Squall line Fast-advancing cold front can cause violent lifting and create a zone right along or slightly ahead of the front
midlatuitude cyclone/wave cyclone conflict between contrasting air masses
Stationary front opposite directions
storm tracks shift in latitude with the su and the seasons
Thunder violent expansion of this abrubptly heated air sends shock waves through the atmosphere as the sonic bang____.
lightning refers to flashes of light caused by enormous electrical discharges-tens of a millions to hundreds of millions of volts
hail generally from within a cumulonimbus cloud
derechos strong linear winds in ecess of 26 m/s
mesocyclone rotates vertically within a supercell cloud (parent cloud) to a height of thousands of meters.
funnel clouds swirl of the mesocyclone itself is visible as are smaller dark ______.
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