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BJU Phys Sci 13

BJU Physcal Science - Ch 13

The mechanical or electronic process of making a sound louder. amplification
The continuum of all possible sound frequencies. acoustic spectrum
The scientific study of understanding and controlling how sounds are heard; the acoustic properties of a room or building. acoustics
A non-SI unit of loudness; the ratio of the power of a measured sound to a reference sound expressed on a logarithmic scale. decibel
The biological or artificial use of acoustic echoes to detect distance and direction of objects of interest. echolocation
A sound with a frequency below the range audible to humans. infrasonic waves
The power of a mechanical wave, proportional to the square of the wave’s amplitude; a wave’s rate of energy transmission. intensity
The response of the ear and brain to the intensity of a sound. loudness
The property of an audible sound determined by its frequency. Higher frequencies have higher pitches. pitch
The ear’s interpretation of the mixture of fundamentals and harmonics in a complex sound, as from a musical instrument. quality
An artificial device that either listens passively or uses active echolocation in bodies of water for navigation, research, or military purposes; an informal name for any natural use of echolocation, such as with bats. sonar
The form of wave-transmitted energy detectable by the ear; more generally, energy transmitted through matter by mechanical waves. sound
A sound with a frequency above the range audible to humans. ultrasonic waves
In longitudinal waves, regions of maximum particle density Compression
In longitudinal waves, regions of minimum particle density Rarefaction
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