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religon unit 2


confirmation deepens the gift grace we first received at baptism
to is to apply oil to someone as a sign of that God has chosen that person for a special mission Anoint
Is a catholic who helps prepare a candidate for confirmation Sponsor
There are. Sacraments of Christian initiation Three
The holy spirit came upon the first disciples at Pentecost True
In confirmation we become more like Christ and are strengthened to be his witnesses True
Laying on of hands and anointing are signs of our sponsor's presence False it is a sign of the holy spirit
During preparation for confirmation god parents learn about the gift of the holy spirit False the candidate learns about the gift of the holy spirit
What is the importance of the sacrament of confirmation During confirmation we become more like Christ am Nd are strengthened to be his witnesses
The holy spirit strengthens us with. Special gifts at confirmation Seven - wisdom, understanding, right judgment, courage, knowledge, reverence and wonder&awe
In confirmation the anointing with Is a sign of the holy spirits' presence Chrism
In. We are sealed with the holy spirit Conifrmation
At confirmation, candidates stand and renew. Promises Baptismal
Gifts of the holy spirit Wisdom, understanding, right judgment, knowledge, reverence and wonder&awe
Advocate and spirit of truth Titles of the holy spirit
Fruits of the holy spirit Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self control
Confirmation Usually celebrated within the mass
How can we give witness to Jesus Christ By using the seven gifts of the holy spirit in our lives.
The sacrament in which Jesus becomes truly present to us Eucharist
In the eucharist we receive. In holy communion Jesus christ
The Eucharist is a meal, a sacrifice and A memorial
Jesus called himself The bread of life
Eucharist is the only sacrament we receive more than once True
At the last supper Jesus instituted the Passover False he instituted the eucharist
While walking to emmaus two disciples instantly recognized the risen Jesus False they didn't recognize him as Jesus until he broke the bread at dinner with them that night
When we receive the Eucharist the life of grace grows in us True
Why do we celebrate the sacrament of the Eucharist Jeus truly becomes present to us in the sacrament of the eucharist
The. Is the part of mass in which we are all blessed and sent forth to be Christ's servants in the world and to love one another as he has loved us Concluding rites
The. Is the part of the mass that unites us a community and prepares us to hear god's word and celebrate the Eucharist Introductory rites
The. Is the part of the mass in which the death and resurrection of christ are made present again and our gifts of bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ Liturgy of the eucharist
The. Is the part of mass in which we listen and respond to god's word Liturgy of the eucharist
What is another name for the celebration of the Eucharist Mass
What are three ways people can serve at mass Reader, alter servers, sacristans, musician and priest
What is our greatest prayer of praise and thanksgiving Amen
What are two ways the Eucharist helps us to grow in holiness and act with justice We receive Jesus Christ himself to strengthen our faith and allow us to bring that love to others and caring for the needs of others
What are the ways in which Jesus is present in the celebration of the mass He is present in the word of God, in the assembly gathered in his name, in the priest and in the body and blood we receive in holy communion
The holy spirit guides the church to pray True
A novena is a day we are obliged to participate in the mass to celebrate a special event in the life of Jesus, Mary or the saints False it is not a novena but holy day of obligation
Catholics are obliged to participate in Sunday mass True
A sacramental is an effective sign given us by jesus through which we share god's life, grace True
Blessing A prayer that dedicates someone or something to God or makes something holy in God's name
Intercession Prayer in which we ask god for something on behalf of another person or group of people
Praise Prayer that gives glory to God for being God
Thanksgiving Prayer of gratitude to God for all he has done for us
How did Jesus teach us to live as prayerful people By showing us how he prayed Jesus taught us to pray with patience and complete trust in God.
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