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literary elements jb


allusion a reference to a famous historical or fictional person or event or work ex.immoderatly she weeps for his death, and therfor i have little talked of love; for venus smiles not in a house of tears
aside like the caracter is wispering ex. for all this same, i'll hide my heareabout. his looks i fear and his esntials i doubt.
blank verse poetry ritten in unrymed iambic perimeter
comic relif a hour scene put in a normally serious scene to have a break from the intensity of the scene/drama ex. conversation between peter and the musitions at the end of scene five is comic relif
couplet two rymed lines ex. usually at the end of a scene in shake spears plays
dramatic irony when the adience knows something that the characters dont know
epithet and adjective used to characterize a person place or thing
foil two contrasting caraters
iambic pentameter peotry with five iambs
metaphor figure of speech of to unlike things that have something in comon
oxymoron a figure of speech of two contradictory terms such as burtal kindness
parallel 2 people who have identical qualities
personifation figure of speech giving animals and inanament objects human personality traits
pun a play on the mulitiple meanings of words
simile a figure of speech that uses the words like, as, than, or resembales
soliloquy when a charater is alone and talking to themselves
tragedy hero is of nobel birth hero has a flaw hero causes his own tragedy play ends in death or violence
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