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Religion test-


Sacraments of initiation Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist
Sacraments of Healing Reconciliation, and Anointing of the sick
Sacraments of Service Holy Orders, and Matrimony
catechumenate time for prayer,study, and liturgy for christian initiation
celebrant a bishop, priest, or deacon who celebrates the sacrament for and with the community
chrism perfumed oil,blessed by the bishop that is used for the sacraments
anointing to cleanse and strengthen the child with oil or chrism. it is a sign of the gift of the Holy Spirit
initiation proces of becoming a member of the church
2 symbols or signs in baptism water shows that the child is getting washed away from sin and the child is anointed on the head it is a sign of being chosen by god
6 seasons of the church in order 1Advent 2christmas 3ordinary time 4lent 5triduum 6easter 7ordinary time
pentocost the name of the church feast when we celebrate the coming of the holy spirit
evangelizing proclaiming the good news of christ by what we say and do
signs of the Holy Spirit Strong winds, fire of tongues, and laying of hands and anointing
anointing with chrism applying a special oil called chrism to someone as a sign that god has chosen that person for a mission
what/when was the first eucharist? the first eucharist was the night before jesus was arrested. jesus broke the , and gave it to them saying "this is my body which will be given up for you; do this in memory of me." at the last supper jesus's breaking of the bread took meaning.
passover a jewish holiday when jews rememmber gods love for them to help them not be slaves
the eucharist is three things a memorial ,a meal, and a sacrifice
sunday the day jesus rose from the dead. it is the lord's day
parts of mass introductory rites, liturgy of the word, liturgy of the eucharist, and the concluding rites
what is the importance of eucharist? what does it do for us? -makes the grace we recieved in baptism grow in us -we are strengthened to love and serve others
four main parts of mass and what happens in each introductory rites- the part of mass that unites us as a community liturgy of the word- we listen and respond to god's word liturgy of the eucharist-offertory and communion cocluding rites-we are blessed and sent forth to serve others
Created by: a-dawg22