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Vocabulary A

Unit 1

apparel (n) clothing (v) to dress up One must wear appropriate apparel for school
immense very large; beyond ordinary means of measurement The amount of homework I am given is immense.
libel written statement which unfairly harms the reputation of another; to write or publish such statement The reporters in Hollywood should be careful not to libel the actors when publishing reports.
besiege to attack by surrounding with military forces to cause worry or trouble My parents besiege me about making good grades.
expressly plainly in so many words for a particular purpose I expressly said that I didn't want lasagna for dinner.
inept totally without skill or appropriateness Many parents think their children are inept at making their own decisions.
misgiving a feeling of fear, doubt, or uncertaintly I have had my misgivings about remaining friends with Bertha.
compress to press together, reduce in size or volume a folded pad or cloth applied to an injury When I am feeling ill, my mom likes to put a cold compress on my head.
famished suffering severely from hunger or lack of something By the time third period is over, I am famished.
ingenious showing remarkable originality, inventiveness, op resourcefulness clever The contestants on "American Inventor" create ingenious inventions.
oaf a stupid person a big clumsy, slow individual Although I call my brother an oaf, he is actually quite intelligent.
denounce to condemn openly to accuse formally Al Gore denounces the human race for causing gloabal warming.
forsake to give up, renounce to leave or abandon I would renounce eating meat if it didn't taste so delicious.
instantaneous done in an instant immediate As the doorbell rang, Timmy instantaneously opened the door.
recede to go or move backward to become more distant As the survivors watched the waters recede, they witnessed the devastation left behind.
dispatch to send off or out for a purpose to kill an official message My father dislikes being dispatched to traffic stops.
gainful gainful profitable bringing in money or some special advantage
irk to annoy, trouble to make weary It really irks me when my brother enters my room without permission.
repast a meal food I always get to choose a special repast when it it my birthday.
douse to plunge into a liquid; to extinguish My mother douses her food with salt or ketsup when she doesn't want to eat anymore.
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