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LA History terms

La History Vocabulary

A group of people living in a new territory with ties to a distant land. colony
Spanish soldier -explorer conquistador
State containing several countries or territories. empire
Natural defense against disease. immunity
legal system to control Native Americans in Spain's American colonies. encomienda
Huge farm or ranch in Spain's American colonies. haciendas
Large commercial farm. plantations
Economic system in which colonies sent raw materials to the mother country: in return colonists were expected to buy products from the country. mercantilism
Aztec language that contributed many words to modern Spanish. Nahuatl
Sculpting the hillsides into different levels for crops. terraced farming
3-stage trade pattern that carried goods and enslaved people among Europe, Africa, and the Americas. triangular trade
Floating gardens of the Aztecs. chinampa
To cause someone to adopt a different religion. convert
The moving of animals, plants, people, and diseases between the Old World and the New World Columbian Exchange
God, Glory and Gold 3 G's
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