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wash lava
walk camina
take out the trash saca la basura
draw dibuja
rest descansa
eat breakfast desayuna
work trabaja
call me llamame
sing canta
talk habla
study estudia
eat dinner cena
practice practica
swim nada
visit visita
ski esquia
dance baila
clean limpia
paint pinta
listen escucha
prepare prepara
organize organiza
return regresa
help ayuda
fish pesca
send the invitations manda las invitaciones
inflate the balloons infla los globos
hang the decorations colga las decoraciones
eat come
read lee
sell vende
run corre
learn aprende
drink bebe
respond responde
receive recibe
live vive
open abre
attend asiste
write escribe
leave sal
put pon
do haz
say di
have ten
come ven
bring trae
close cierra
think piensa
lose pierde
ask for pide
serve the cookies sirve las galletas
repeat repite
eat lunch almuerza
sleep duerme
die muere
play juega
give da
go ve
cook cocina
Created by: lrnichols
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