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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
verbs (infinitives) a review of verbs learned in 7th grade Spanish 2017-09-13 lrnichols 50 2 edit
ch9. IOPs Practice A good practice for people who prefer to put the IOP BEFORE the CONJUGATED verb Spanish 2013-03-25 lrnichols 34 0 edit
vocab- LA FAMILIA vocab- LA FAMILIA Spanish 2016-01-14 lrnichols 48 2 edit
ch7 primer paso-#2 e-->ie stem-changers Spanish 2011-12-11 lrnichols 25 0 edit
ch6-Advice/Chores chapter 6 tercer paso Spanish 2012-12-02 lrnichols 48 0 edit
ch7 primer paso-#1 phone conversations, invitations, places, and events Spanish 2017-01-04 lrnichols 32 0 edit
ch7 tercer paso Giving excuses, tener expressions Spanish 2016-01-19 lrnichols 23 0 edit
ch7 simple future Practice "ir a + infinitive" and "pensar + infinitive" AND tener que + infinitiv Spanish 2015-05-16 lrnichols 35 0 edit
ch7.Reflexive Verbs Practice using reflexive verbs in sentences. Spanish 2014-01-13 lrnichols 33 0 edit
reflexive stem-chang Practice conjugating stem-changing reflexive verbs Spanish 2014-01-14 lrnichols 22 0 edit
ch9. IOPs Practice using indirect object pronouns in sentences Spanish 2012-01-22 lrnichols 34 0 edit
ch9.segundo.CLOTHING Clothing vocab, demonstrative adjectives, comparisons, and adj. agreement Spanish 2012-01-31 lrnichols 40 0 edit
HOLIDAYS-ch10 primer Holidays Spanish 2012-03-01 lrnichols 11 0 edit
Present Progressive- ch10 primer paso Spanish 2016-01-14 lrnichols 25 0 edit
ch10.commands ch10.commands Spanish 2015-04-08 lrnichols 61 3 edit
ch10.negative comman Negative Commands Spanish 2012-03-13 lrnichols 36 0 edit
ch10Time Expressions Practice the vocabulary associated with talking about the past Spanish 2014-05-09 lrnichols 17 0 edit
ch10.AR Preterite Practice conjugating AR verbs in the past tense Spanish 2014-05-16 lrnichols 44 1 edit
ch10.er/ir reg. pret Conjugate normal ER/IR verbs in the preterite tense Spanish 2012-03-26 lrnichols 36 0 edit
ch10.er/ir pret (**) Practice all of the triple-vowel and stem-changing verbs Spanish 2012-03-26 lrnichols 56 0 edit
ch10.ER/IR (mixed) Practice conjugating ER/IR verbs in the preterite Spanish 2012-04-01 lrnichols 46 0 edit
ch10irreg. preterite Practice conjugating irregular verbs in the preterite Spanish 2014-01-30 lrnichols 44 1 edit
pres to pret Change the verb from the present tense to the preterite Spanish 2014-01-30 lrnichols 40 1 edit
ch8. Fruits + Veggie practice vocab and review definite and indefinite articles Spanish 2012-04-26 lrnichols 32 0 edit
ch8.Likes & Dislikes Practice phrases such as "No me gusta para nada" Spanish 2015-04-30 lrnichols 14 0 edit
meats, grains, dairy meats, grains, dairy Spanish 2013-02-25 lrnichols 32 0 edit
o->ue stem-changers o->ue stem-changers Spanish 2012-05-03 lrnichols 36 0 edit
ch8.foodvocab3 Practice the condiments, drinks, and dishes vocab Spanish 2012-05-11 lrnichols 29 0 edit
ch8.SER vs ESTAR Use the verbs SER and ESTAR to describe food. Spanish 2012-05-13 lrnichols 13 0 edit
ch8.adj agreemnt Practice food vocab along with adjective agreement Spanish 2016-06-02 lrnichols 19 0 edit
ch8.otro/a/os/as Practice modifying the word "otro" to make it match the noun that follows Spanish 2012-05-13 lrnichols 12 0 edit
ch8.3 Mixed Practice A practice of all topics combined INCLUDING TENER EXPRESSIONS! Spanish 2016-06-02 lrnichols 78 0 edit
Review- Chapter 2 +3 This is all of the vocabulary you will need for the upcoming quiz! Spanish 2012-10-10 lrnichols 55 0 edit
ch4+5 REVIEW PRACTIC ch4+5 REVIEW PRACTIC Spanish 2012-10-16 lrnichols 79 0 edit
ch 7- Reflexives 2 Reflexive Verb Conjugations w/RPs placed before the conjugated verb Unfinished 2017-02-06 lrnichols 33 0 edit
ch7-Ref (SC) Practice conjugating reflexives that are stem-changers Unfinished 2017-02-06 lrnichols 22 0 edit

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