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Principles -antibio


A patient recieving an antibiotic before getting extensive dental work is getting what type of therapy? Prophylactic
A patient who recieves antibiotics after stepping on a rusty nail is getting what therapy? Empiric
What is the best drug for Lyme disease? Doxycycline
What is an example of an emerging infections? MRSA
Superinfection? Yeast
Milk decreases efficacy of what drugs? Tetracyclines
Antacids, iron, and zinc interact with what drugs? Fluroquinoles
What drug can cause kernicterun in neonates? Sulfonamides
What drugs cannot be given to children because it affects their teeth? Tetracyclines
Drugs that affect child bone growth? Fluroquinoles
Two drugs that frequently cause anaphlactic reactions? Penicillins and sulfonamides
Diabetic should look out for what imbalance when taking sulfonamides? Hypoglycemia
What is the best drug for UTI because of its high concentration in the kidneys? Sulfonamides
Bacteriostatic sulfonamides inhibit the growth of what three things? folic acid, PABA,and microbes
What drug turns your pee orange? Pyridium
What drugs are great for stomach ulcers? Biaxin and Bactrium
What sulfonamides are great for bladder infections? Bactrium and Septra
What is the best Penicillin for a patient with and abscess? Augmentin
What penicillin drug can kill pseudomonas? Ticar
Penicillin antibiotic therapy can result in what imbalances? Hyperkalemia and Hypernatremia
Keflex, Biocef, and Clindomycin are goof for what conditions? skin
Good antibiotic for meningitis? Rocephin
what antibiotics have the broadest antibacterial actions? Carbapenems
Patient with intraabdominal infections along with some bone and joint bacteria can be treated with what carbapenem? Primaxin IV
What antibiotics are likely to be used for STDs and U and L respiratory infections and lyme disease, mycoplasam and corynebacterium infections? Macroclides and Ketolides
What ketolide is good for multidrug resistant strains of bacteria? Ketex
What tetracyclines are good for Lyme disease or any tick fever or reckettsia or mycoplasm organisms? Doxycline and Vibramycin
What fluroquinolone is good for anthrax? Cipro iv po
What anibiotic is good for leprosy and can cause blue discoloration of the skin? Dapsone po
Drug for VRE? Zyvox (Linezolid)
Drug for infections caused by VRE? Synercid
Antibiotic of choice for MRSA? Vancomycin
Good for UTIs after Urological procedures? Macrodantin (nitrofuratoin) and Furadantin
Good for Cellulitis? Cubicin (daptomycin)
drug good for yeast infections or pinworms? Flagyl (metronizazole)
Used against malaria Malarone
should be kept covered from sunlight Dapsone
Is toxic if greater than 50mcg/ml Vancomycin
should be given with food and milk to decrease GI problems Nitrofuratoin (Macrodantin)
What drug will foam if you shake it? Synercid
What drug would you check for hearing and renal funcions and red man syndrome? Vancomycin
what drug can cause dizziness, tingling, sensory motor, bowel antabuse reaction with alcohol? Flagyl
What drug tends to run blood glucose levels high? Fluroquinolones-cipro
Peak level of vancomycin 18-50mcg/ml
trough level of vancomycin 5-15mcg/ml
Always give antibiotics piggyback
the two most prescribed fluroquinolones? Cipro and Levaquin
Patient on warfarin or phenytoin should be careful if on what antibiotic group? Sulfonamides
Patient with G6PD deficiency cannot take what three types of antibiotics? Dapsone, sulfonamides, and nitrofuratoin (macrodantin)
great for respiratory and UTIs? fluroquinolones
Clot buster (powder) with 50/50 risk of death TenKase
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