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RADT 456 Rad Pro

Radiographic Procedures

How many bones are in the human adult skull? 206
Name the bones in the wrist: trapezoid, trapezium, capitate, scaphoid, hamate, triquetrum, pisiform, and lunate
Centering point for a PA hand 3rd MCP
Largest sesmoid bone in the body patella
The _____ bones form the anterior portion of the pelvis. pubic
How much do you angle for an AP foot? 10 degrees towards heel
How much do you angle for a dorsoplantar axial calcaneus? 40 degrees caudal
How much do you angle for outlet pelvis? Male: 20-30 degrees cephalic Female: 30-45 degrees cephalic
How much do you angle for inlet pelvis? 40 degrees caudal
An undisplaced fracture simple
Bone has penetrated the skin compound fracture
fracture does not traverse entire bone incomplete
Break of cortex on one side of the bone only; found in infants and children greenstick
Greenstick fracture with one cortex buckled/ compacted and the other intact torus/ buckle
Small bony fragment pulled fom bony prominence as a result of forceful pull of the attched ligament or tendon avulsion
Faint undisplaced fracture hairline
One fracture composed of several fragments comminuted
Comminuted fracture with one or more wedge or butterfly wing-shaped pieces butterfly
Transverse fracture of the distal third of radius with posterior angulation and associated avulsion fracture of ulnar styloid process colles
Fracture lateral malleolus, medial malleolus, and posterior surfaces trimalleolar
Only C-spine vertebra that is not bifid C7
How much do you oblique a patient for an oblique T-spine? 70 degrees
What does an oblique T-spine show? apophyseal joints
How much do you angle for an AP sacrum?> 15-25 degrees cephalic
How much do you angle for an AP coccyx? 10-20 degrees caudal
Wedge or bat-shaped bone located between frontal and occipital bones sphenoid bone
Located between orbits and helps to form parts of nasal and orbital walls ethmoid bone
Largest facial bone mandible
Smallest facial bone lacrimal bones
Only movable facial bone mandible
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