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Cardio Drugs

Cardiovascular Drug Review

ANTI PLATELET DRUGS Aspirin (Chew 2, 325 mg aspirin tablets and take with water; maintenance therapy is 81mg/daily of baby aspirin) Clopidogrel: "Plavix" (big selling, high cost drug; inhibits platelets; prevents stroke & recurrent MI)
NITRATES Nitroglycerin: "Nitrostat" (fast acting under the tongue} "Nitroglycerine Paste" - (paste on a patch) "Transderm-Nitro" - (dermal patch) Iosorbide Dinitrate: "Isordil" - vasodilates and improves coronary blood flow *FYI - All used to treat angina
DIURETICS Hydrochlorothiazide: "HCTZ" (low ceiling thiazide diuretic used to treat hypertension) Fluosemide: "Lasix" (high ceiling loop diuretic used to treat CHF)
BETA BLOCKERS **Remember** these group of drugs are all negarive chronotropic drugs because they slow down the heart. (test fact) Propanolol: "Inderal" (1970, first beta blocker; can be used to treat anxiety) Metoprolol: "Lopressor" Coreg: "Corabadiolol"
ACE I Captopril: "Capoten" Enalapril: "Vasotec"
ANGIOTENSIN II **Remember** rc blockers and drugs end in "-sartan" Losartan: "Cozaar"
CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKERS **These drugs are part of the 3rd step in hypertension treatment and also used to treat cardiac disrythmias; beginning 1980's, work on the L channels in the sm. muscles of vessels & heart. Verapamil: "Calan" Nifedipine: "Procardia"
ENDOGENOUS HORMONES AFFECTED BY SOME OF THESE DRUGS "Renin": secreted by the kidneys "Angiotensin II": product produced downstream from rennin release "Alderstone": Hormone of the adrenal glands secreted further downstream from renin & angiotensin II.
COMBINATION DRUGS FOR HYPERTENSION **Remember that the ACE I, Angiotension II blockers (ARB), beta blockers & calcium channel blockers can be combined with a mild diuretic like HCTZ among others. "Capozide": denote a combination of Capoten (Captopril) and a mild diuretic (if not HTCZ itself, a thiazide diuretic very much like it.
OTHER VASODILATORS Hydralazine: "Apresoline" - an "old-time" drug that mostly used for arterial dilation. "BiDil" - race based drug; hypertension treatment for African Americans; combination of "Hydralazine + Isosorbide (nitroglycerin compound)"
POSITIVE INOTROPIC DRUGS **Increase the force of muscle contractions (test fact) Digitalis & Digoxin: "Lanoxin" CARDIAC GLYCOSIDES w/ (Pos inotropy & Neg chronotropy); like epinephrine produced in body to up heart rate. "Dopamine" & "Dobutamine" - SYMPATHETIC AGONISTS that up heart rate contraction (Pos inotropy & Pos chronotropy)
ANTICHOLINERGIC with POSITIVE CHRONOTROPIC EFFECTS "Atropine": the anticholinergic prototype that will "lyse" the parasympathetic nervous system & thus acts as a POSITIVE chronotropic. It is used to treat bradycardia which is a slow heart rate.
LIPID LOWERING DRUGS **Statins (HMG- "CoA" reductance inhibitors) which are used to reduce lipid levels in the blood Atorvastatin: "Lipitor" Simvastatin: "Zocor" Cholestyramine: "Questran" (an inert binding drug, not digested or absorbed; binds then excreted) "Omega 3" (found in fish) Vitamin B3 + Niacin: "Niaspan" (long acting formula approved to lower triglyceride
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