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Engleman- 3rd 9 wks

Engleman's review of 3rd nine weeks exam

Which 4 things help a country’s economy Gross Domestic Product? capital resources, human capital, entrepreneurers, and natural resources
When the legislature of law making branch of government chooses head of state as prime minister who is leader of the country we call it parliamentary democracy
When a government is small group of special class of people like the religious theocracy of the Sh’ia priests of Persian Iranians we call it a oligarchy theocracy
When one leader as a dictator holds all the power in a government we call it an autocracy or autocratic government
A rare type of government that is just a loose alliance of units in a country having equal power like Switzerland is a confederacy
A person who invents a new global computer software system in a company that gives people jobs, pays revenue (taxes) to the government would be an entrepreneur
Indian lawyer who led non-violent demonstrations and marches in the then British colony of India making it a free nation in 1948 was Mohandis Ghandi
This country has the Mekong river emptying into the South China sea, it is attached like a skinny leg under rooster shaped China, where the US fought a war against communism from 1958-1975 and is the communist country today Vietnam
This country has a constitution but a ceremonial emperor. The prime minister is chosen by lawmakers elected by the people in a heavy industrialized world leading economy even though it has few resources on volcanic islands. Japan
India has a president and a constitution in which people vote, may run for government office, pay taxes. This form of government is called federal republic, or presidential democracy
This religion has many holy texts, several gods worshipped, a caste system where you live your place in society by the class you’re born to, and a belief that your behavior in this life determines how well will be your rebirth after death (reincarnation) Hinduism
Siddhartha Gautama is known for founding this religion or philosophy writing down his sayings in the tripitaka, beliefs of rebirth after death or reincarnation, meditating for enlightenment, and not living with too much work or pleasure, it is called Buddhism
Because of hostile deserts in the North, high plateaus and mountains, dense jungles, people in Southern and Eastern Asia tend to live in the Southern and East Asia near large rivers or coasts
. High numbers of people, industrializing factories, poor sanitary systems, poor filtration, greater demand and buying of cars have led to __________ _________________ in India and China that even drifts to other parts of the world. high pollution
The smaller desert in the upper left corner of China is the Taklimakan
The large Chinese desert in the upper right corner of China stretching into Mongolia is the Gobi
The highest mountains in the world separating China and India in the countries of Nepal and Bhutan are the Himalayas
. A tax (tariff), limit on amounts (quota), certain buying or selling restrictions (sanctions), or a complete stop (embargo) of business with a country are examples of _____________ barriers. trade
The country with the shape like a bloated heavy rooster in Asia China
The Asian country shaped like a shark’s tooth or triangle kite India
The skinny long Asian country looking like a leg attached to rooster shaped China Vietnam
The 16,000 islands above Australia flooded by a tsunami in 2004 is the country of Indonesia
5 big volcanic islands and 6000 tiny ones surrounding it under Russia and next to Korea is Japan
The two countries that stick out like a Florida shaped thumb under North east China form the Korean Penninsula
The country below China at the top of a thumb shaped peninsula is communist North Korea
The country at the bottom half of that thumb shaped peninsula is democratic is South Korea
The big river at the top and right of China is called the __________ in English or H__________ H___ by the Chinese Yellow, Huang He
The other big river more towards the bottom right side of China where 400 million people live is the ____________ in English or C__________ J__________ by the Chinese Yangtze, Chang Jiang
If you draw a line from the middle of India to the right in to the Indian Ocean you run in to the Bay of Bengal
Just south of the subcontinent kite or shark toothed country of India is a large body of water called the ______________ Ocean. Indian Ocean
Between the Florida shaped thumb shape of an Asian Peninsula and the islands of Japan is a large body of water called the Sea of Japan
The name of the sea located south (below) China is the South China Sea
. The sea between eastern mainland China and the Korean Peninsula is colored by a river, this sea is the Yellow Sea
This economic system, like most in the world, may use combinations of traditional (ancestors or main economic activities) command (government decides goods services) or even market economies, together. We call this what type of economy Mixed market
The two countries where the US helped fight wars so that these countries wouldn't "domino" into Chinese communist rule Vietnam War (1958-1973) Korean War (1950-1953)
Created by: andrejones