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paint vocab

a list of painting terms and important painters from history

a new your school of painting characterized by freely created abstractions; the first important school of american painting to develop independently of european styles abstract expressionism
the creation of beautiful or signifigant things art
a heavy, closely woven fabric spread out across a frame canvas
french impressionist painter (1840-1926) the "founder of impressionism" claude monet
an artistic movement in france beginning in 1907 that featured surfaces of geometrical planes cubism
a mural done with watercolors on wet plaster fresco
a school of late 19th century french painters who pictured apperances by strokes of unmixed colors to give the impression of reflecting light impressionism
english landscape painter john constable
an expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view landscape
italian painter, sculpter, engineer, scientist and architect; the most versatile genius of the italian renaissance (1452-1519) leonardo da vinci
florentine sculptor, painter and architect; one of the most outstanding figures of the renaissance (1475-1564) michelangelo
prolific and influential spanish artist who lived in france (1881-1973) pablo picasso
creating a picture with paints painting
french impressionist painter (1841-1919) pierre auguste renoir
any likeness of a person, in any medium portrait
influential dutch artist (1606-1669) rembrandt
spanish surrealist painter and sculptor salvidor dali
dutch post-impressionist painter noted for his use of color (1853-1890) vincent van gogh
english landscape painter (1776-1837) john constable
united states artist famous for painting with a drip technique; leader of abstract expressionism in america (1912-1956) jackson pollock
Created by: reggieroe
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