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Manpower 2012 block3

Flashcards Manpower 2012 block 3

In an equation what value is defined as the Y-intercept and can be either a positive or a negative value "a"
In an equation what value is defined as the Slope and must be positive. "b"
What is defined as the proportion of explained variation to total variation (SSR/TSS) and has a .50 minimum accepted value. R2 ~ Coefficient of variation
What is defined as the measure of unexplained variation, (Syx/Y bar), Maximum value my not exceed .25, Allows comparison of dispersion in different sets of data. V ~ Coefficient of Variation
What is defined as the measure of absolute dispersion, Measure of unexplained variation. Syx
What is defined as the Mathematical relationship between the variables. Regression
Last Step in C&R analysis, Tells us if the sample's proportion of explained variation to unexplained variation is significant enough to all us to predict population man-hours. F-Test
What process increases predicted man-hours by up to 50%, First thing you do after you have a good equation, Increases the applicability of a standard. Extrapolation
What is defined as the including both explained and unexplained variation TSS
What is defined as the Measure of unexplained variation SSE
What is defined as the Measure of explained variation SSR
What is defined as having a Minimum acceptable value of .7071, Measures the stength and direction of the relation between X and Y (symbol) R ~ Coefficient of Correlation
What is the symbol for Predicted Man-hours Y Value or Yc
Step 1 of C&R COMPUTE SUMMARY STATISTICS; Create spreadsheet using provided data
What are the 6 critical value formulas in C&R? b>0, R2 > or = to .5, v < or = to.25, F > F*, Significant F < .05, and R > or = to .7071
Step 2 of C&R formula and explain. ESTIMATE SUMMARY COEFFICIENTS;(b>0 = positive slope, if b is not positive you cannot continue.
Step 3 of C&R formula and explain. COMPUTE TOTAL SUM OF SQUARES(TSS); (SSR>SSE) if it is not one or more of the critical values will fail in later steps.
Formula to get value of Total Sum of Squares (TSS). (TSS = Total Variation in data samples) (SSR+SSE)
Is SSR, explained or unexplained? Explained
Is SSE, explained or unexplained? Unexplained
Step 4 of C&R formulas. CALCULATE OVERALL STATS; (V = Syx/Y bar),(R2 >or= to .50),(V
R squared formula (R2) (SSR/TSS), The higher the value the better
V formula (Syx/Y bar)
Syx formula √SSE/n-2
Step 5 of C&R Formula COMPUTE F(F = exp/unexp) proportion of explained to unexplained
F formula (exp/unexp) proportion of explained to unexplained
Step 6 of C&R Formula OBTAIN CRITICAL F VALUE (F*) FROM F-Table using the degrees of freedom(df) for SSE & SSR values to find
How do you find the value of F*? use the values of SSE & SSR to find the ___ in the F-Table
Step 7 of C&R formula COMPARE F AND F* in the F-Test; (F > F*), if it is then the proportion is significant enough to use at bases.
F-Test formula (F > F*)is the last step of C&R's 7 step
What process is after finishing the last step of C&R? Determine if Sig F is < .05
What process is after determining if Sig F failed or passed? Determine if R is > than or = to .7071
What process is after determining if R failed or passed? Extrapolation: determine the values of Yu and Yl.
To get the value of Yl during extrapolation you use what formula? (lowest data value * .75)to lower the value 25%
To get the value of Yu during extrapolation you use what formula? (largest data value * 1.25) to raise value 25%
What is the objective of Extrapolation? to extend the data field allowing standard to be applicable to more bases.
What is the Air force preferred graph? Linear Bivariant
A graph that smiles or frowns is called? and can be easily recognized by ____ in its formula. Parabolic (curvilinear), the exponent. (expl. cx2)the x is squared.
A two-dimentional graph that describes the type and strength of relationships between two variables. Scatter diagram
A characteristic of anything that can be manipulated or made to vary. variable
Two variables used in developing manpower standards. Workload factors(WLF) and man-hours(MH)
A characteristic the we manipulate to see what happens; its symbol is X. Independent Variable
What is often the independent variable in standards developement? Workload Factor (WLF)
A Characteristic that changes due to changes in the independent variable; its symbol is Y. Dependent variable
What is often the dependent variable in standards developement? Man-hours (MH)
On a scatter diagram the horizontal line is? The X axis
On a scatter diagram the vertical line is? Y axis
The intersection of X and Y on on a scatter chart is? Data point; if it appears more than once you annotate it by putting a circle around it.
In a Positive/Direct Relationshiprelationship, what happens to the values of X and Y? As the value of X (WLF)raises or lowers so too does the value of Y (MH) and vice versa.
In a Negative/Inverse relationship, what happens to the values of X and Y? As the value of X (WLF) increase, the value of Y (MH) decreases. The reverse is also true.
In a Curvilinear relationship, what happens to the values of X and Y? X (WLF) and Y (MH) start out positive, but end up negative or vice versa. (smile/frown) if you get this you should stop and check data for accuracy.
b critical value must be >0
R2 critical value must be > or = to .50
V critical value must be < or = to .25
F-Test critical value F>F*
Significant F critical value < .05 tells that it only has less than a 5% chance of failure
R critical value > or = to .7071 coefficient of correlation X & Y
Created by: MathGods
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