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history packet 13

study guide

allied powers great britain, france, russia, japan
this nation started the great war when it declared war on serbia austria-hungery
called the power keg of europe balkan peninsula
after germany's invation of this contry, great brittan declared war! belgium
he sought the alliances that later became the triple allience bismark
annexed by Austria-hungery in 1908 bonsia-herzogovina
central powers germany, austria-hungery - so called because they were in the center of europe
lost alssace-lorraine to germany in 1870 and never got over it france
the heir to the throne of austria-hungery who was assasinated in 1914, thus ignighting ww1 franz-ferdinand
goals that included to topple ottoman empire, secure the dardanelles, and establish a supply line to russia gallipoli campaign
this contry declared war on russia after russian troops massed on its eastern border germany
competed for industrial domination of europe great britain and germany
invasion of belgium caused to support gemanies foes italy
leaader of germany during most of ww1 kaiser willelm 2
a contry's army grows to protect its colonies link between militarism and imperialism
forced german to fight on two frounts battle of the marne
battles fought of french soil marne, somme, verdun
militarism policy of glorifying power of the military and keeping ready for war
these two non-balkan nations competed for dominace in the balkans russia, austria-hungery
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