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Peds Final Review

Here are the clicker questions for the Peds Final

PA pressure that exceeds aortic pressure PPHN
PDA is essential for survival in which congenital defect Transposition of the great vessels
Aorta and PA are reversed, 2 parallel circulations are created and tere is sever cyanosis. What disease is this Transposition of the great vessels
Ground glass on chest CXR in infants usually indicated what diesease RDS
This disease on CXR comes from ground glass into? BPD
What is true of epigolttitis? It is a life threatening disease
What do we look at for an APGAR Appearance (color), Pluse (HR), Grimace (reflex), Activity (muscle tone, Respirations (efficency)
Epiglottitis is inflamation of what superglotic structure
What surges at 35 weeks lecithin
in a fetus SVR ? PVR ? SVR-increases PVR-decreases
1 hz = 60 breaths
Normal RR for infant 30-60
What is the primary surfactant Lecithin
Bronchiolitis is most often casued from RSV
Delivery of NO will do what to afterload decrease
When would we use ECMO only for a reversible condition to buy more time
When would you expect to find a PDA PPHN
Symptom of epiglottitis Drooling (not stridor or barky cough)
How would you manage laryngotracheobronchitis? steroids, coolmist, rac.epi
what type of shunt is atrial septal defect L ot R shunt
L/S ratio of 5:1 indicates risk of RDS
Name 3 things present in TOF pulm stenosis, VSD, overriding aorta
Hyperoxia test shows PaO2 of 450, what does it indicate L ro R shunt - acyanotic
Pt with TGV on 100% O2 will have no effeect on cyanosis
Surfactant begins during what stage of lung development Term sac
Created by: RTCincinnati