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chapter 6 & 14 PT test review

what book is used for pricing? red book
Which is not an HMO? blue shield
which is not a feature of an hmo? pricing on awp.
procedure in which claims are processed over the computer is adjudication
what is the minimum amount of medication to be kept in the pharmacy called? PAR
t/f a generic name is a trade name of a drug, or a name created by the manufacturer f
a monograph is a description of a drug t
t/f only doctors use the pdr f
the internet can be used to get info on meds t
a nationally cert. tech is not required to get ces f
all trade names are capitalized t
all techs should carry a facts & comparisona book in pocket f
generic names are the names of the manufacturer first patents. F
the main diff between HMO/PPO is that the patient pays more for a ppo. T
medicaid is a federally run program for seniors f
all pharmacies must accept all insurance plans f
before they expire, new meds should not be placed on the shelf till the old ones are gone f
reconstituted cytotoxic agents must be sent to the manufacturer f
a formulary offers alternative meds if the first choice is not covered. T
most insurance companies cover only brands f
it is the responsibility of the fda to contact patients involved in a recall f
Created by: Gina Peskin