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Leach PSY chapter 9

achievement knowledge and skills gained from experience and education
intelligence the capacity to learn from experience, solve problems, and adapt to a a changing environment
mental age the level of intellectual functioning
intelligence quotient the ratio of mental age to chronological age multiplied by 100
transformed score a score that has been changed from a raw score in a systematic way
reliability the extent to which a test yields consistent results
test-retest reliability a method for determining the reliability of a test by comparing a test taker's scores on the same test taken on separate occasions
validity the extent to which a test measures what it is suppose to measure
mental retardation intellectual functioning that is below average, as indicated by an intelligence score at or below 70
gifted a term used to describe children with IQ scores above 130 or children with outstanding talent for performing at much higher levels than others of the same age and background
creativity the ability to invent new solutions to problems or to create original or ingenious materials
heritability the proportion of variation among individuals that can be attributed to genes
Created by: CoachLeach