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6th Grade Science-2

Stack #88213

This precious mineral caused many men to rush to California Gold
How long does it take Earth to rotate on its axis? 24 hours
Name three root crops. potatoes, beets, carrots
Your height, physical strength, hair color etc. are related to the transfer of these from your parents. genes
It takes six moist or thirty dry inches of this form of precipitation to equal one inch of rain. snow
This black and white striped animal is a member of the horse family. zebra
To rest the body, the average person needs approximately eight hours of this each day. sleep
Name three fossil fuels. oil, gas, coal
In 1901 police at Scotland Yard in London began using these finger prints
The German pharmaceutical company Bayer first marketed this pain reliever in 1903. asprin
This vast system of stars appears as an avenue of light across the night sky. The Milky Way
What two nations dominated the space race of the 1960’s? the United States, The Soviet Union
Protons, electrons, and neutrons are the three main parts of these. atom
A meteorologist would call a boundary between two air masses a _____. front
It is the tallest plant in the world. Redwood tree
What happens to the leaves of most perennial trees each autumn? The leaves change color and drop off.
Why didn’t dinosaurs sit on their nests and hatch their eggs? The dinosaurs were too large
.This disease causes pain, stiffness, and swelling in your joints and tissues. arthritus
Glaucoma is a common disease of this part of the body. the eye
What does the Beaufort scale rank? wind speed
Created by: drarcher