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ch 10-2

MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) A set of standards that are used to represent music in digital form. MIDI is a method of digitally describing and storing every individual note played by each individual instrument used in making music.
minicartridge A tape drive cartridge that is only 3 x2 x inches. It is small enough to allow two drives to fit into a standard 5 -inch drive bay of a PC case.
MP3 A method to compress audio files that uses MPEG level 1. It can reduce sound files as low as a 1:24 ratio without losing much sound quality.
pits Recessed areas on the surface of a CD or DVD, separating lands, or flat areas. Lands and pits are used to represent data on a disc.
sequential access A method of data access used by tape drives, whereby data is written or read sequentially from the beginning to the end of the tape or until the desired data is found.
solid-state device (SSD) A storage device that uses memory chips to store data instead of spinning disks.
solid-state disk (SSD) Another term for solid-state device.
surround sound A sound compression standard that supports six separate sound channels using six speakers known as Front Left and Right, Front Center, Rear Left and Right, and Subwoofer. Surround Sound 7.1 supports two additional rear or side speakers.
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) A bitmapped file format used to hold photographs, graphics, and screen captures. TIFF files can be rather large, and have a .tif file extension.
TV tuner card Can turn your computer into a television.
UDF (Universal Disk Format) file system A file system for optical media used by all DVD discs and some CD-R and CD-RW discs.
video capture card Lets you capture this video input and save it to a file on your hard drive.
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