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PSYCH 233 Exam 1

Flash Cards for my Paper

what is huntingtons disease? characterized by degneration of CNS central nervous system brain and spinal cord
what are the symptoms of huntingtons? -personality changes, muscle coordination problems, mental deterioation
what is special about the symptoms of huntingtons? they do not occur until the age of 35 and above
what is cytic fibrosis? characterized by the bodys overproduction of mucus in the lungs and digestive tract
what are the symptoms of cystic fibrosis? -persintent coughign with phlegm -wheezing -shortness of breath -poor growth
what are the serious dangers of cystic fibrosis? can lead to life threatining lung infections
what are 2 ways to test for genetic disorders? CVS, Amniocentesis
what is CVS hair like projections called chorionic villi surrounding the membrane of the fetus are removed and fetal cells are tested
when is CVS performed 6 - 8 weeks past conception
what is amniocentesis when amniotic fluid is withdrawn with the guidance of ultrasound. fetal cells are tested
when is amniocentesis performed? 16 weeks past conception
Created by: rolandowallace