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Film Sensitometry

Ch 21

Latitude and contrast are _________ __________. Inversely Related
Film Speed and emulsion layer thickness are _____ _____. Directly Related (thicker emulsion=faster speed)
Film Speed and crystal size are _____ _____. Directly related (larger crystals =faster film speed)
An _______ relationship exist between film resolution and crystal size Inverse (smaller crystals=high resolution)
________ is the ability to accurately image an object. Resolution
Resolution is also known as _____, ______, ______ and ______. Detail, Sharpness, Definition and Resolving Power
What are the characteristics of film? Resolution, speed, contrast and latitude
Three factors that cause fog: light, heat and radiation
The ______ is the density at no exposure or density inherent to the film. Base plus fog
_________ is the ability of film to transmit light or ability of film to stop the transmission of light Opacity
A ______ is referred to as a step wedge because of its shape penetrometer
What is the formula for optical density? OD=log10 Io/It
___________ is the measurement of the characteristic responses of film to exposure and processing sensitometry
The toe of the characteristic curve is controlled by? Phenidone
_________ measures optical density and is required to provide an accurate reading of amount of light transmitted through the film. Densitometer
Film speed and number of sensitivity specks are _______ _______. directly related
_________ is the difference in adjacent densities. Contrast
Amount of density a film produces for a given amount of exposure is the film ________. Speed
Film resolution is determined by the size of the ______ ______ _________. silver halide crystals
The shoulder of the characteristic curve is controlled by ______. hydroquinone
A _______ _______ is used for testing, calibrating and monitor equipment. step wedge
A step wedge is made of ________ and used in ______________ aluminum; digital radiography
A step wedge is also known as a ____________. penetrometer
Name three quality control test tools: equipment, processor and intensifying screens
D log E curves are also known as: characteristic, sensitometric and hurter & driffield(h&d) curves
The numbers that are displayed by a densitometer are known as: optical density numbers
___________ is the range of exposures that will produce densities within the diagnostic range. latitude (also known as the fudge factor)
Left curve will demonstrate: _________ speed, ______contrast, ______ emulsion, ________ latitude and ______ detail. fast, high, thicker, narrow, worse
Right curve will demonstrate: _______ speed, ______ contrast, ______emulsion, _____ latitude and ________ detail. slow, lower, thinner, wide and best recorded.
Dmax is the maximum ________ allowed to be recorded on the film. density
The straight line is also known as __________ and _________. Gamma, body