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Hemo beginning drugs

This is what will be on the final. You do not need to know all the info yet

Nitroglycerin and Nitroprusside are what class of drug vasodilators
Epinephrine, Nor-epinephrine, vasopressin, dopamine are what class of drugs mixed (vasopressor, inotropic and choronotropic
Dobutamine, Digtalis, Lanoxin, are what class of drug? Inotropics
Amiodorone, Lidocaine, propanolol are what class of drugs Anti-arrhythmics
Profofol, Diprivan, Lorazepam, ativan, midazolam, versed, fentanyl, morphine are all what class of drugs Sedatives and analgesics
Furosemide, lasix, and mannitol are what class of drugs Diuretics
Succinylcholine, pancuronium, veruronium are what class of drugs paralytics
Name some vasodilators Nitroglycerin and Nitroprusside
What are the 3 classes make up a mixed drug vasopressor, inotropic and chronotropic
Name some mixed drugs Epinephrine, Nor-epinephrine, vasopressin, dopamine
Name some inotropic drugs Dobutamine, Digtalis, Lanoxin,
Name brand for digitalis lanoxin
Generic for lanoxin digitalis
name some anti-arrhythmics Amiodorone, Lidocaine, propanolol
what is the prefered anti-arrhythmic drug by the American Heart Association? Amiodorone
While on the drug amiodorone, if you are on high FIO2 what is a possible effect of the drug develop pulmonary fibrosis
Name brand of the drug lidocaine xylocaine
generic name for the drug xylocaine lidocaine
name brand of the drug propanolol inderal
generic name for inderal propanolol
Name some sedatives and Analgesics Profofol, Diprivan, Lorazepam, ativan, midazolam, versed, fentanyl, morphine
name brand for propofol diprivan
generic for diprivan propofol
name brand for lorazepam ativan
generic for ativan lorazepam
Name some diuretics Furosemide, lasix, and mannitol
Furosemide is generic for lasix
Manitol is also given for what purpose to decrease ICP
what drug is given to decrease ICP manitol
atropine is given for what condition bradycardia
Succinlycholine will increase what in the body K+
Alpha 1 causes vasoconstriction
Beta 1 causes increased hr and force of contraction
beta 2 causes relaxation of vascular and bronchial smooth muscles
Alpha receptors have what effect on the body increase BP and SVR
what do vasodilators do reduce preload (less venous return) reduce afterload (vascular resistance) vasodilate peripheral arteries and veins reduce BP dilate coronary arteries reduce myocaridial O2 Consumption
what do vasopressors do Stimulate alpha receptors cause nor-epinephrine to be released from cells
inotropics cause what increase in SV and CO decrease SVR and Myocardial O2 consumption
Created by: RTCincinnati