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RADT456 Rad. Protect

ARRT review Radiation Protection

What is teh type of does-response curve used to predict stochastic effect? Linear nonthreshold
What can the useful x-ray beam be accurately described as ahving what sort of nature? heterogeneous
How are wavelength and energy related? inversely
Long-term effects of radiation exposure are: formation of cataracts, cancer, genetic effects
What does beam restriction do? reduces patient dose, reduces production of scattered radiation, imporves image quality
What is teh qality assurance term used to describe consistency in exposure at adjacent mA stations? linearity
How does filtration affect the primary beam filtration increases the average energy of the primary beam
What is patient dose affected by? inherent filtration, added filtration, and source-image distance
What is the principal function of x-ray beam filtration? reduce patient skin dose
What can patient dose be decreased by? high-speed film and screen combination
What are types of gonadal shielding? flat contact, shaped (contour) contact, and shadow
What are advantages of beam restriction? production of less scattered radiation, irradiation of less biological material
What does a backup timer for the automatic exposure control device serve? protect the patient from overexposure, protect the x-ray tube from excessive heat
Primary radiation barriers must be at least how high? 7 feet
What is the protective control booth from which the radiographer makes the x-ray exposure? a secondary barrier
What does the NCRP recommed the annual effective occupational dose-equivalent limit? 50mSv (5 rem)
What is the unit of measurement used to express occupational exposure is? Rem (Sievert)
What crystals are used in an optically luminescent dosimetry system? Aluminum oxide
What is teh measurement of dose to biologic tissue? Rem (Sv)
What is teh annual dose limit for a student radiographer who is younger than 18 years old and beginning clinical assignments? .1 rem (1mSv)
What can the operation of personal radiation monitoring devices depend on? ionization and thermoluminescence
What are some examples of personal radiation monitors? optically stimulated luminescence, thermoluminescent dosimeter, film badge, and pocket dosimeter
What do primary barriers protect your from? they protect you from the useful beam
What are the three cardinal rules of radiation protection? time, distance, shielding
What does ALARA stand for? as low as reasonably achievable
Created by: anbrunes