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Freud Inter Dreams

Flashcards based on the DE video of Freud's Book.

A state of sleep in humans that should occur several times a night. It has increased brain activity. REM
One part of a person's psyche, it is like a conscience, but overly giving. superego
Something present by not visible to see, having the potential to exist, such as a thought or action. latent
A method of analyzing psychic phenomena and treating emotional disorders that involves treatment sessions during which the patient is encouraged to talk freely about personal experiences and especially about early childhood and dreams. psychoanalysis
The part of a person's psyche that balances out the other two parts which desire to either do only for self or only for others. ego
The part of a person's psyche in which they are aware of thoughts, feelings, and desires. consciousness
The part of the psyche that wants to only please itself, much like little children. id
The largest part of a person's mind, it holds thoughts and emotions that may have been buried to protect them. unconscious
Saying something unintentionally, but may belie a hidden desire or thought. Freudian Slip
This part of a person's mind contains thoughts and memories that are not active, but can easily be recalled. preconscious
A son's desire to replace his father as in his mother's life Oedipus Complex
A daughter's desire to compete and/or replace her mother in her father's life. Elecktra Complex
Created by: dsalvucci