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Bilingual Laws

important laws affecting the instruction of ELLs

1964 Civil Rights Act All students regardless of race, color, or religion are entitled to a public education
1968 ESEA Program funds bilingual education in Kindergarten New York City schools
1972 Serna Vs. Portales Municipal School Federal Court enforces the Civil Rights Act; judge orders instruction in native language and culture as part of a desegregation plan
1974 EEOA Equal Education Opportunities Act; can not deny opportuntities to families based on language barriers
1974 Lau Vs. Nichols US Supreme Court establishes the right to differential treatment based on language minority status
1992 Plyer vs. Doe US Supreme court rules that it is a violation of 14th amendment to deny education to children of illegal immagrants (undocumented citizens)
2001 NCLB Provides funding to support schools in educating English Learners
2004 IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (equity and accountablility under NCLB)
Created by: phhill
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