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pth226 pulmcard dise

pulmonary cardiac diseases

A disease where narrowing, inflammation and collapsing of terminal bronchioles, and precusor to bonrhitis and emphysema. a.asthma b.Bronchiectasis c.Cystic fibrosis d.Peripheral Airways Disease Peripheral airways disease
a persistent cough/expectorant >3 months caused by chronic inflammastion of bronchi, "blue bloaters and cor pulmanale a.PAD b.asthma c.emphysema d.Chronic Bronchitis chronic bronchitis
enlargement and destruction of alveoli, clubbing of fingers, thin and pink "pink puffers" due to polycythemia a.emphysema b.ashtma c.PAD d.bronchiectasis emphysema
increased hypersensitivity of airways by allergens, infection, cold air leading to episodic wheezing and bronghospams a.bonchiectasis b.asthma c.cystic fibrosis d.pneumonia asthma
which of the following are restrictive diseases a.lung cancer b.cystic fibrosis c.tuberculosis d.atelectasis e.peripheral airways disease f.bronchiectasis g.pneumonia a,c,d,g
list the following causes of restictive diseases a.recurrent infections b.asbestos c.hypersensitivity to allergens d.noxious gases e.radiation therapy b,d,e
lung cancer, atelectasis and pneumonia are intrapulmonary conditions while kyphosis, trauma,ascites are extrapulmonary conditions which effect the lungs. T/F? true
radiation and asbestos are restictive causes while, recurrent infections and aspirations are obstructive. T/F? true
recurrent infections, hyperinflation/malaborption with high Cl in sweat is indicative of? a.bronhiectasis b.ateclasis c.cystic fibrosis d.asthma e.tuberculosis cystic fibrosis
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