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Quality System P2

Quality System Part 2

What are loyal customers? They stay with a company and make positive referrals.
What is Tolerance Stacking? Trying to match up materials that are produced on the low end with the high end.
What is a process? A sequence of actions that produce a result.
Business are full of ____. Processes
What are the six steps to a process? 1. Decide what to call the process 2. Determine an outcome, know where you're going. 3. Talk to the customer, what do they want? 4. What do need to get to the outcome? 5. Who can supply the inputs? 6. Develop the process
For any company to improve the lowest form, .... The process
An Organizational Chart shows: ... A chain of command
An organization is more like a ... Body
What are some problems with the Functional Structure 1. Separates employees from the customers 2. Inhibits process improvement 3. Separate function for quality called Quality Control or Quality Assurance.
The development of the linkage of processes accomplishes three basic purposes: 1. Encourages recognition of the internal customer / supplier relationship 2. Causes the focus of problem improvement to be on the processes in the organization, not the departments or people. 3. Linkage helps identify what process improvement can be ma
How do you redesign an organization? 1. Redesign the system 2. Focus on processes 3. Recognize the internal customer 4. Create a team based organization 5. Reduce the Hierarchy 6. Use a steering committee
Highly effective ___ are made up of ____ Highly effective teams are made up of highly effective individuals
The box Right -- Wrong Win -- Lose Dominate -- Avoid Domination Avoid Risk -- Survive
What is the key difference between the Reactive Model and the Proactive Model? The Freedom to Choose.
What is all knowledge made of? What we know, what we don't know, and what we don't know that we don't know.
Created by: Krescent
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