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RADT 456: Image Acqu

Image Acquisition and Evaluation

Change in the number of gray shades Window Width
Change in image brightness Window Level
High contrast is a result of insufficient kV
Pathology: with increasing amounts of air, technique must be.. decreased
An increase in field size will ________ density. increase
The reduction in x-ray phonton intensity as the photon passes through material is termed attenuation
An increase in kVp will produce a _____ - scale contrast longer
Short-scale contrast = Black/White
Filtration has a/an ________ relationship to density. indirect
As SID increases, recorded detail ______. increases
The most common method of designating screen speed is relative speed (par)
T/F: As mA increases contrast increases as well. FALSE
When a slow screen system is used with a fast screen autoatic exposure control system, the resulting images are too light.
Filtration as a/an ______ relationship with contrast. indirect
T/F: As exposure time increases, detail decreases. TRUE
Lag is an abnormal action of what? Intensifying screen
An increase in SID will cause a ________ in magnification. decrease
Recorded detail improves as ___ decreases. OID
T/F: The smaller the focal spot size, the better recorded detail. TRUE
T/F: Motion is the greatest adversary of recorded detail. TRUE
Describes the amount of blackening on an x-ray image or a part of the image. Density
It is recommended to use a grid for any body part measuring ___ cm or greater. 10
T/F: An increase in grid ratio will decrease contrast. FALSE
A wire mesh test is performed to diagnose screen contact
Low kV = _______- scale contrast long
This does not affect the exposure rate of the primary beam. Field size
The absorption of useful radiation by a grid is called Grid cutoff
T/F: Increasing screen speed will increase density. TRUE
A film emulsion having wide latitude is likely to exhibit _______. low contrast
Anode Heel Effect has a/an ________ relationship with density. Indirect
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